Usage instructions

Warning: when using FastChain, be sure to avoid getting lubricant on the tyre or any braking surface, such as the rear wheel rims, disk brake disks or brake pads. 

Light oil

The light oil lubrication strategy is the the most straightforward, requiring just one product - SL90. Fastchain harnesses the solvent power of aerosol propellant, directing it through the chain links, deep cleaning and enhancing the diluent cleaning effect of the oil. Contrary to what some cyclists believe, light oil does not result in unacceptable chain wear provided it is applied frequently enough. 
  • Clean AND lubricate your chain in 30 seconds.
  • Light oil results in exceptional performance.
Maintenance frequency:
  • Relubricate every 150-200k and after every wet ride.

Drip on wax

Some of today’s drip-on wax lubricants have great performance and many cyclists like the way waxed chains are less prone to contamination or leaving a black mark on skin or clothes when touched. But as convenient as drip on wax is, one downside is that conventionally it is difficult to clean. As almost all cyclists know, the chain should be thoroughly cleaned before applying a fresh layer of lubrication.

Use FastChain with TF90 or Isopropyl alcohol to quickly and conveniently deep clean where it counts, right between the chain links.
  • Easily deep clean between the hard to reach chain joints it is important to clean before rewaxing, without having to remove the chain
Maintenance frequency:
  • Clean and rewax at least every every 200-250 and after every wet ride

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