• At the FastChain R&D Lab we have a number of super-secret cycling related products under development. Along the way we have also come up with quite a few products that are useful, easily producible with a 3D printer or CNC machine that we are sharing with the community of Makers who also happen to be cyclists.

    Join our Facebook Makers for Cycling group to stay updated with the latest cycling related STLs and 3axis CNC machine parts from us and from other cyclist makers.

    We print our parts primarily on a fully enclosed SK Go CoreXY FDM printer printer designed by Ernest Lin. Check out their excellent Facebook Group here. When processing big jobs we also have a CR10S Pro fitted with a Hemera Extruder, and an Ender 3 also fitted with a Hemera extruder (these are overflow machines and though good, aren’t close to the speed and diverse materials capability of the SK-GO).

    Our favourite high spec engineering filament is 3DXTech CarbonX CF-PC

    Our favourite every day (lower cost) engineering filament is Extrudr XPETG Matt.

  • We love cycling, and 3D printers, and CNC machines. Each of these can be obtained by most people and, in their own way, each drives improvement of both ourselves and the community around us.

    FastChain is a product that has emerged from a long journey during which we created and improved many prototype devices. Along the way we have came up with a number things that are not suitable for commercial production, but which nevertheless are valuable to cyclists.

    If you like cycling and like contributing to the maker movement, why not join our Makers for Cycling Facebook group?

    Below is a list of designs we have contributed to the maker community and we will be adding many more over time.

    NOTE: All downloadable files on this page are licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution License.