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Road Bike Mini Water Guard.

Road Bike Mini Water Guard.

This little print is for road cyclists who face a ride in the rain. You can buy a mini under seat water guard from the shops. But you don’t need them often, they cost money and you might have a ride tomorrow where rain is predicted.

There are two versions. One that is fully printable, where no extras are required to attach it to the seat that, in a pinch, provides a functioning Seat Tongue. However printed plastic threaded bolts and nuts are not very strong in the z axis direction. The bolts are prone to shear if done up too tightly. There is a balance to be had between doing it up tightly enough so it won’t come loose, and avoiding over tightening. We therefore suggest printing this version only if you need something in a pinch and don’t have a suitably sized metal M5 x 15mm or M5 x 20mm nut, bolt. Also we recommend printing it in PETG or Nylon, both of which provide superior x axis strength.

When fitting, tighten well by hand before sliding the two wedges apart to clamp the seat tongue against the seat rails, then tighten some more (being careful not to over tighten the fully plastic version).

Recommended additional non printed parts (for the metal bolt version) M5 x 10 machine screw, M5 Nut, Large M5 washer. 


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