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Turbo Trainer Phone Mount.

Turbo Trainer Phone Mount.

There are many, many phone mount STLs out there. However we got fed up with the fact they tend to be so specific to the make and model of your phone. Even with a 3D printer, it is a pain, after upgrading your phone, to have to print out another phone holder. But you don’t need a tight fitting holder when you are on a turbo trainer. We need no more than a phone sized “shelf” that holds your phone within easy reach and with lips so it won’t fall off. So we made one.

With a holder like this, it’s far easier to place and remove your phone.

We designed it so the hinge is “print in place.” No assembly is required, just firmly twist the hinge after it has printed. At first it will feel stuck, but you should hear a “crack” before it breaks and then it (should) start moving. You may need to move it backwards and forwards a few times to free the joint up.

It can be attached with zip ties or by printing out the plastic bolt and wing nut. If you don’t think you will need to remove it frequently, we recommend the zip tie version.

Also, you can see in the photo below, the open drawer contains two plastic 3D printed rods an iPad can be placed on. We aren’t making these available for download because it is unlikely many indoor cyclists have a chest of drawers in front of them. But if you do, here is an idea for how you can support your iPad. We made the mistake of printing a large iPad holder for the handlebar. It took a lot of plastic to print and only afterwards did we realise it is far better to ensure the iPad is some distance away from the handlebars. A better version using aluminium tube is a project for the future. 

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